Are you planning to be rich?

If you asked most people whether they wanted to be rich in retirement, almost everyone would say ‘yes’. But what does it mean to be rich? defines ‘rich’ as ‘having great wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means or funds; wealthy.’

Looking at life this way, it make sense that most people prepare for retirement by saving as much money as they can, keeping a keen eye on their super balance, and perhaps seeing a financial planner. Questions like ‘How will I look after my health in retirement?’ and ‘What will my life look like once I stop working?’ get little if any attention.

Yet one of the benefits of getting older is learning that ‘richness’ is more about our relationships, feeling that we have something to contribute, and being healthy enough to enjoy the activities that matter to us. And these things are as worthy of planning as making sure we have enough money.

Often we think of our working years as being full of responsibilities, commitments and “have to’s”. But when we suddenly take away the routine and structure of working we can find ourselves unmoored and lost in a way that we would never have expected. When we take away one kind of life, we need to create a new one to replace it. This is a creative process, and one that is much easier if we begin before we retire.

And so the question is – What does it mean to you to be rich in retirement? And what do you need to do to make that happen?

We need to ask ourselves questions like – What will give my life meaning and purpose? Who will I spend time with? What will get me excited about life, and how will I structure my days?

So what will your retirement look like? It’s your unique journey – just make sure you are rich!

If you need a hand getting your retirement planning underway, we’d love to help.