The retirement planning of yesterday was all about money. But retirement has changed and today’s retirees face a whole new raft of choices and issues. They need a partner to help them navigate their way to the retirement they want.

Who will take up that role? Here’s how Australians feel about the issue.

Retirement Ready asked working people aged between 45 and 65 years who they would like to give them a program of holistic information about retirement[1].

An overwhelming 48.5% of people wanted this information from their Super Fund, with the next closest being a Financial Planner (10.1%), Employer (9.3%), Bank (5.9%) and Private Health Fund (2.4%).

These results are interesting, and confirm that people see a natural synergy between Super Funds and broader information about retirement.

People now have greater expectations of the organisations that service them. They are looking for more value and greater tailoring to their specific needs.

Funds leading the way in member engagement are moving beyond money and partnering with their members for retirement.

Who are you partnering with?

[1] Research by The ORU (Online Research Unit) for Retirement Ready, 2017.