The Rise and Rise of the New Adventurer

We all know someone who is a nomad of the new kind – off they go in their caravan or recreational vehicle for the trip of their lifetime, or one of seemingly many trips to different parts of regional, often remote, Australia.

The image of the big 4WD pulling a caravan on a dusty road north of Broome comes quickly to mind, as does the sound of another biro tick on the bucket list.  Whether it’s Cairns or the Kimberley, Esperance or Kangaroo Island, Port Fairy or Byron, hundreds of caravan parks and camping grounds see the sight of the enthusiastic couple or couples or intrepid singles pulling up next to their powered sites.

Travel and retirement magazines, websites and blogs have many stories to tell, and tips to share, but curiously it is a very little documented phenomenon – how many grey nomads are there on the road at any time, how far do most of them really go, how much money do they really spend? No one really knows the answers to these questions. There are even serious questions that governments are trying to get their heads around, such as how to resource more remote medical centres and maintain basic roads that are becoming paths well-trod by a new breed of adventurer.

Hey, so what? There are so many beautiful places to see, so many new friends to meet, and such a big country that you could travel it forever! And you can do it on a budget, or with most of the comforts of home, but always leaving your cares and boredom behind.

Rich, poor, many in between. Rookies, old hands, the “why have we not done this before’ers”, the “never againers”, the happy ones, grumpy ones, the stay in one placers, the itchy feet keep moving types, the boasters, the know alls, the quiet achievers, the heart of golders – all with stories to tell but never grey! It’s time to think of joining them.

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