Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Retirement Ready

How long have you been around and are you in business for the long term?

We have been in business since 2013, building our knowledge and expertise in this area. We have made a significant investment in our retirement planning resources, and have an ongoing commitment to serving retirees and the organisations they engage with.

Are my competitors being offered the same resources?

Our retirement resources are available to a variety of organizations. However, exclusive use of any particular retirement resource is available by negotiation. Particular branding and bespoke images can also be used to distinguish your content.

How do we control the type of advice being given to our Members?

Our retirement resources provide general advice only and are based on publically available information. Relevant disclaimers are included and can be tailored to comply with your organisation’s requirements.

About our Online Program

Why an online Program?

An online Program is the most popular way to learn about retirement – more than twice as popular as a workshop, reading a book or subscribing to a website.*

*Research by The Online Research Unit for Retirement Ready, 2017

How long is the Program?

It takes about 20-40 minutes to go through each Module, depending how many links you want to explore.

What age is the Program suitable for?

The earlier the better, but a great time to start is 3-5 years before retirement.

Can I access the Program from a mobile device?

The Program is compatible with Mac and PC, and is accessible on mobile devices.